Wartide Heroes


Physical Artillery


  • Wildwood Sharpshot

    Demetra's eagle eye allows her piercing arrow to fly straight through any foe who dares face her.

  • Serrated Arrowheads

    Demetra's bow, infused with arcane Dryadic magic, will sometimes produce extra ammunition.

  • Eagle Eye

    Years of diligent target practice give Demetra's aim an adept level of precision.

  • harpshot Adept

    By means of Dryadic magic and rigorous training, Demetra's arrows tear through crowds of enemies.


Chione's MarkFrost Shot

Serrated Arrowheads now stuns enemies hit for 2 seconds.

Ready for anything that comes her way, Demetra may be small but her oversized dryadic bow has big impact.

Raised by Dryads until she was adopted into the kingdom, Demetra often found herself longing for the open air of the forest when within the city's walls. Never content to watch others claim the glory of championship that should be rightfully hers, she once masked her female identity to enter, and win, the annual royal marksmanship tournament.


Magical Artillery


  • Towering Inferno

    Phoebe channels the fire in her spirit, causing the earth beneath her enemy's feet to erupt into a pillar of flame.

  • Burning Focus

    While unharmed, Phoebe is able to center on the flame in her mind's eye and gain greater confidence in battle.

  • Firepower

    With advanced training, Phoebe wills her fireball attack to burst into flames upon impact.

  • Phoenix Ring

    Mind focused and spirit ablaze, Phoebe masters her powers and scorches the earth with everlasting flames.


Chione's MarkCrystalline Ward

Starts battle with a 14K Health Shield.

Hero Showcase

Skilled in the mystical arts of the clerics of the New Kingdom, Phoebe commands fire and flame as readily as most soldiers handle a sword and shield.

As a young girl, Phoebe's untrained talents were mistaken as uncontrollable burdens and many in her village treated her like an outcast. Finally as a teenager she was taken under the wing of a nearby shaman, and Phoebe flourished with proper magical education and centering of her mind's immense energy and power.


Magical Supportive Artillery


  • Venom of Souls

    Iola charms her serpent staff, unleashing a poisonous aura of souls to damage her enemy over time.

  • Serpent’s Whisper

    Iola whispers an ancient beguiling charm to the ally protecting her, emboldening them in battle.

  • Viper Familiar

    Near death, Iola lends a nearby ally a conjured serpent spirit, strengthening the ally for a few final moments.

  • Venomous Bond

    The Venom of Souls suffocates the target's spirit, making them susceptible to ethereal assaults.


Chione's MarkParalyzing Fear

Upon losing health for the first time, stuns the lowest health enemy for 6 seconds.

Iola summons the spirits of her darling serpents from her spellstaff with an indolent wave of her hand.

The master necromancer Iola gained notoriety early on as a teenager when her father and brother were seen returning home to her village after the Atlantean Civil War's bloodiest battle, despite multiple witnesses to their deaths in the field. She is said to be able to speak an ancient language understood by snakes.


Magical Artillery


  • Soul Shriek

    Sarpedon screams a damaging dark magic incantation from deep within, shattering the will of his enemy and growing his power.

  • Dark Berserker

    Sarpedon feeds on fallen enemies, dealing damage to one foe upon another's death.

  • Cold Revenge

    Snatching the life force from his enemy, Sarpedon gains back a sliver of his own living essence.

  • Underworld Domination

    Sarpedon's power grows with every flash of pain and fear felt by his foe, shattering their hope and bringing them to their knees before their once and future king.


Chione's MarkCold Blooded

Following 5 basic attacks, Sarpedon's next attack heals himself for 15K health.

Cursed in his last moments in battle, the doomed king Sarpedon still fights, unaware of his own demise.

The great king Sarpedon was said to be finding his way as a just and respected leader when the time came for him to ride his treasured war mount into battle at the head of a battalion doomed to fall at the hands of the Warriors of Ares. As Sarpedon felt the sword blade pierce his ribs he felt an odd calm and did not fall, and now he and his ghastly mount fight to this day.


Physical Artillery


  • Blast Shot

    Phaidon overloads his adapted arm cannon, launching a sizzling and fiery kinetic energy attack.

  • Explosive Shot

    Phaidon fires at an enemy, then watches with satisfaction as the explosion hits multiple targets.

  • Mask of the Madman

    Phaidon makes the final adjustments to his face-saving mask, adding a piercing cold laser to the eyes.

  • Manic Optimization

    Gears whirling and pistons pumping, Phaidon's arm finally meets its original specifications, firing a salvo with each crazed cackle.


Chione's MarkLiquid Cooled Barrel

Upon landing a critical strike, Phaidon gains 10% Basic Attack Damage for 5 seconds. (stackable)

A deranged inventor, Phaidon is reckless in his never-ending attempts to revolutionize warfare.

As the lead inventor on the Children of Talos project, Phaidon never truly forgave himself when their uprising became violent. His work became erratic, culminating in a laboratory explosion that destroyed his arm. However, this gave Phaidon a convenient excuse to experiment with his latest shoulder-mounted cannon prototype.


Physical Supportive Artillery


  • Roaring Axes

    Gadrus imbues his axes with the ferocity of his own war lion, stimulating his followers..

  • Lion's Bloodthirst

    The terrifying roar of Gadrus' war lion motivates the unit deployed in front of them to move with great urgency!

  • Strength of the Horde

    The footfalls of his war lion create an aura around Gadrus that grants god-given power to any ally traveling with him.

  • Tyrant's Predation

    All who face Gadrus in battle become prey to his War Lion, Sekmet, thus insuring the monster does not devour his rider.


Chione's MarkIce Daggers

Tyrant's Predation now additionally applies mortal wounds to enemies, reducing all healing by 50% for 9 seconds.

The raging warlord Gadrus bears little resemblance to his oceanic Olympian father.

When his father Poseidon asked him to govern the northern trade route provinces of Atlantis, Gadrus knew he would never be the chosen son impressive enough to rule the Lord of the Sea's beloved island; that glory belonged to his twin brother Atlas. It was at this moment Gadrus knew the threads of his fate had woven into a story that would change the course of Atlantean history. He would unite his troops, call upon his fearsome war lion, and with the strength of an army he would take the throne of Atlantis from his unworthy brother.


Physical Artillery


  • Rupture Shot

    In a fit of nihilistic blood rage, Eryx imbues a crossbow bolt with a toxic payload of his own cursed blood.

  • Necessary Thirst

    After being wounded, Eryx loses control of his fiendish urges and feasts on the blood of his foes to replenish his vigor.

  • Cold Blooded

    Eryx's corrupted blood causes those afflicted by his Rupture Shot to become lethargic and listless.

  • Pact of Life

    Losing himself in the carnage of combat, Eryx imbibes the life essence of a fallen ally to reinvigorate his own blighted soul.


Chione's MarkCold Snap

Eryx permanently gains 30% Critical Strike Bonus. (purge immune)

Bearing the weight of passing from this world to the next before returning, Eryx has seen more of life and death than most can claim.

It is a rare Hero that walks among the living yet has glimpsed the world of the dead. Slain before attaining the true glory he believed he could grasp, Eryx made his passage to the underworld as all fallen men must do. Arriving in Hades, he looked into the face of the welcoming shades and, beset with fear of being lost to history, fled back to the world of the living. Upon return it became clear that he had become forever corrupted by the gaze of the shades and the darkness of the underworld’s embrace.


Magical Artillery


  • Winds of Daybreak

    Inspired by teachings of the Daybreak Oracle, Sobekos invokes spirits in the air and launches a mystic cyclone, siphoning life from all enemies in its path and rejuvenating his allies.

  • Twisting Zephyrs

    Sobekos conspires with the lost spirits in the air and with a commanding swing of his staff, the enemy's neck whiplashes in the wind.

  • Khamsin's Blessing

    In the absence of spirits permeating the air, Sobekos seizes the escaping essence of a fallen enemy to grant his allies protection.

  • Winds of Change

    No longer limited by the Daybreak Oracle's techniques, Sobekos creates a new form of wind magic and grants ethereal protection to his allies permanently.


Chione's MarkBlood Tribute

When the first enemy falls, grants all allies 40% Magical Penetration for 20 seconds.

From the shifting sands of the eastern deserts, Sobekos casts his finely-tuned incantations to control the wild Atlantean winds and weather.

The sand spirit disciple Sobekos trained for years under the tutelage of high priests of the Daybreak Oracle, attaining mastery of the chaotic winds and weather of the Atlantean continent. Through great focus and dedicated study, Sobekos honed his skills to the point of rising above even the elder priests of the Temple of Daybreak where he practiced. Eventually he felt it was time to leave the Temple to find his way in the world, knowing it was likely he would never return.


Physical Supportive Artillery


  • Full Moon's Affliction

    Mayar focuses the gravity of the moon. With a wave of his hand, his target and another nearby opponent are pressed into the earth with the full power of the moon.

  • Lunar Guard

    Recognizing that his ally might serve a role in maintaining the cosmic balance, Mayar uses his mastery of the moon's power to deflect attacks made against them.

  • Cosmic Aspect

    Mayar's awareness of the nature of the universe may have left his psyche stricken, but he is now able to shape these uncaring forces to empower his allies.

  • Blood Moon

    Having stared into the dark maw at the center of the universe, Mayar knows that even a fallen foe can protect his cause in the battle against entropy.


Chione's MarkChilling Embrace

Upon any ally's death, Mayar and all remaining allies gain a 10% Physical Ability Power. (stackable)

Having traveled to the farthest reaches of the astral plane, Mayar has arrived to New Atlantis pursuing an inscrutable agenda only he seems to understand.

The Lunar Mystic's unfocused gaze falls perpetually inward. Some speculate that his stellar journey has granted him a unique ability to see beyond the mere physical world. But others whisper that his mind's eye has retreated in the face of the cold, uncaring forces of the void. The truth is likely a combination of both.


Physical Supportive Artillery


  • Hymn of the Muses

    Ariadne voices the chorus of the Nine muses to create a melody so sublime that it quickens the pulse of her surrounding allies.

  • Song of the Second Wind

    Pushing towards victory, Ariadne invigorates her allies sounding a song that summons the Second Wind.

  • Playful Lullaby

    Ariadne plays a silversong so sweet and irresistible, it’s melody pacifies even the most belligerent mortals.

  • Arboreal Harmony

    Ariadne adds the primeval resonances of the forest to her hymn, creating an otherworldly harmony that invigorates her allies’ mortal bodies.


Chione's MarkHymn of Winter

Permanently gains 20% Team Cooldown Reduction. (purge immune)

The playful Ariadne was once celebrated as the bard of the gods, until she stumbled upon one of Briarus’s hunts. His prey, a young unicorn, was a life she could not see diminished. She stepped through the astral threshold and paralyzed Briarus with an ethereal lullaby. Her intervention saved the innocent creature, but forever cast her from the realm of immortals.

While she was ousted from her divine home, she retained the ability to mimic the sounds and voices of the celestial realm. With her enchanted chime, Ariadne amplifies her songs with otherworldly resonances. The force of her music can either hearten her allies’ spirits or devastate her mortal foes.


Magical Supportive Artillery


  • Kismet Curse

    Calling upon her prophetic powers, Sybil manipulates the fabric of fate, and three unlucky foes are inflicted with various baleful maladies.

  • Reversal of Fortunes

    Her opponent's loss becomes her ally's gain, as Sybil bestows upon her favored companion a wondrous boon of vitality.

  • Weal and Woe

    Sybil has learned to balance her Kismet Curse with good fortune, lavishing upon her favored ally a gift of magical power.

  • Chains of Fate

    Having perfected her manipulation of fate, Sybil's Kismet Curse now reveals the future of a fourth opponent, and leaves them dumbfounded.


Chione's MarkCalibrated Flow

All allies gain 35% Magical Ability Power. (purge immune)

Misunderstood and mocked by her own kind, Sybil has rebelliously chosen life among the mortals.

It was well known that only those Djinn foolish enough to become bound in servitude remained in the material world. But Sybil saw the signs. A great reckoning was coming. One that would shake even the foundations of the mighty City of Brass. She would not sit idly by while weakling mortals were allowed to shape the hands of fate. No, she would do something no Djinn had ever done before. She would trap herself in the mortal world, and fulfill her destiny among the challengers for New Atlantis.


Magical Supportive Artillery


  • Writ of Quelling Power

    The mystical runes that Melchior inscribes with his enchanted quill burst into the air and leave his enemies in a weakened state of lethargy.

  • Stifling Runes

    Should Melchior find himself set upon by any adversaries, the scroll on his back will activate crippling runes in his defense.

  • Runic Companion

    Melchior welcomes other travelers and will pass along the favor of the runes to any companion that would protect him.

  • Annals of Entropy

    Performing a eulogy for the fallen, Melchior transcribes their memories into languishing runes that spread throughout the battlefield.


Chione's MarkChilling Incantation

Following 3 basic attacks, his next attack steals 30% for Energy Generation for 3seconds.

Following what he considers to be a divine star of providence, Melchior arrives in Atlantis armed with an enchanted quill and inkwell, ready to transcribe its history, people, and their battles into the mystical runes he employs in combat to debilitate his foes.

The large scroll on Melchior’s back contains the most extensive archive of magical runes in all of Atlantis. Each rune has been written in the memory of a great hero, a loyal friend, a fierce opponent, a lost comrade. By preserving these memories into the runes that Melchior safeguards in his scroll, he can chronicle the history of the lands he travels. Only he knows how to translate the esoteric runes and his reasons for keeping them remain a mystery.


Physical Artillery


  • Polybolos Punch

    Hadrian Winds up to unleash a deadly attack that also allows quicker follow-up shots from his repeating ballista.

  • Flying Ace

    As a veteran of combat, a steady barrage of attacks gives Hadrian more opportunities to exploit an enemy's weakness.

  • Carrion Surge

    Every enemy death serves to blister Hadrian's power and memorialized as a skull on his beetle's carapace.

  • Buzzcut Bolts

    By upgrading to armor piercing broadheads, Hadrian further improves the performance of follow-up shots after his Polybolos Punch.


Chione's MarkSerrated Ice

Polybolos Punch now additionally grants Hadrian 50% Critical Strike Bonus for 8 seconds.

A hot shot pilot with years of experience, Hadrian is the highest scoring aviator in New Atlantis, boasting his confirmed kills by applying victory decal skulls directly onto his beetle. With renewing turmoil in the kingdom, Hadrian is yet again conscripted into service and has high hopes of once more serving alongside his old compatriot, the Vainglorious Champion Leandros.

Hadrian flies into action riding a rhinoceros beetle mounted with a unique type of deadly repeating ballista known as the Polybolos. Enemies that oppose him on the battlefield find themselves buried in a hail of furious bolts, followed by a distant sound that can only be described as ominous buzzing.


Magical Artillery


  • Curse of Malady

    Appealing to the spirits, Sagango waves his magicked fetish staff and conjures a foul curse that affects all foes on the battlefield.

  • Siphoning Blight

    The spirits always demand more of Sagango, and by repeatedly striking an enemy, he is granted the opportunity to drain an enemy’s life force.

  • Heightened Delirium

    Sagango draws upon the astral essence trapped within the effigy strapped on his back to further empower his fetish staff, lowering all enemies resistance to magic when cursed.

  • Dark Prosperity

    Death is a natural part of life, and no one knows this better than a dark spirit sorcerer, allowing Sagango to capture the magical energy of a fallen ally.


Chione's MarkBitter Magic

Permanently sacrifices 15% Magical Defense and Physical Defense for 75% increased Magical Ability Power. (purge and cleanse immune)

Hero Showcase

Having mastered communing with dark spirits at an early age, Sagango was directed to leave his island nation in the west, as incorporeal beings often want something from those that call them and dark spirits always want more essence.

This sojourn led him into the eastern deserts where he encountered an opposing high priest of the Daybreak Oracle. Sagango petitioned the dark spirits, offering to slay the priest in exchange for more power…and they agreed. In that moment, he was able to unleash a new kind of curse that ravaged the priest with a deadly malady. Following through with the pact, he captured the high priest’s soul within a doll-shaped effigy and fashioned their skull into a fetish for his staff, which Sagango now uses to bolster the dark spirits he calls upon.


Magical Artillery


  • Deviant Shadowbind

    Nyx pinpoints an easy mark and focuses dark arcane power into her crystalline bow that paralyzes her quarry with a bolt of shadow.

  • Crossfire Rebelt

    It takes mere moments for prey to get caught up in her barrage of quick shots, allowing Nyx to drain their power and bolster her assault.

  • Misfit Quills

    Nyx delights in taking advantage of hapless suckers that stray into her crosshairs and will sharply punish them for overstaying their welcome.

  • Thunderstroke

    The air around Nyx begins to pulse with remnant energy as she loosens a stream of knocked arrows until suddenly her foe is struck with enervation.


Chione's MarkPiercing Chill

Deviant Shadowbind now stuns the target for 5 seconds and purges all buffs.

Impertinent and willful, Nyx the Bricolage Ranger has a do-it-yourself attitude and moves to the beat of her own drum. With the tips of her mohawk hair dyed deep purple to match her glam face paint, she brings a counter-culture style to the battlefield.

The progeny of an ancient race that resettled above ground in the Peaks of Areion, the elven Lazuli are born with an affinity for the arcane that tints their skin a pale blue and blanches their hair. Although customary for young magic users to apprentice with a sorcerer, Nyx balked at tradition and impulsively joined a motley crew of rangers hunting centaurs for sport in the Dryadic Wilds. Impatient to join the fun, she conjured a crystalline bow from the ether capable of siphoning combat performance from her targets and leapt onto the field like it was a mosh pit.


Magical Supportive Artillery


  • Fivefold Tenets of Sol

    Chanting his devotion to the glory of the sun, Tiandao invokes the harmonic relationship that courses eternally between solar energy and all life, unbroken through time.

  • Sunrise Meditation

    Tiandao finds time for prayer and reflection even on the battlefield, attaining brief moments of serenity after each decisive attack.

  • Noble Solar Path

    Those who walk in the sun's radiance shall become a beacon of Sol, the heritage of protection flowing within them through the efforts of Tiandao..

  • Sutra of Light

    Strands of enriching light gather around Tiandao when he strikes a pivotal blow, weaving into a solar tapestry that fades when reciting his blessed tenets.


Chione's MarkCold Refreshments

Upon an ally death, Tiandao immediately cleanses all allies.

Without the sun's warm embrace, the world would surely fall into eternal slumber under the cold moonlight and so Tiandao has journeyed from the astral plane to bring Atlantis a new dawn. His divine solar mantras cleanse the faithful and light their path to victory.

The Solar Monastic and Lunar Mystic have always cycled through the astral plane, just as the sun and moon cycle through the sky, but this precious balance has been thrown off with Mayar's sojourn to the mortal realm. After witnessing the plight of the Atlanteans, Tiandao invoked the ultimate law of Sol, dictating that the celestial brothers must converge into an eclipse, ensuring that the land is renewed and the cosmic ballet goes on. He now seeks a way to incite this stellar event and bring peace to both worlds.