Wartide Heroes


Physical Defender


  • Champion Clash

    Leandros issues a shield stun, followed by a few confident swings of his blade to cut down his enemy.

  • Inspiring Captain

    A great leader inspires bravery and morale in his troops from the first call to arms.

  • General’s Rally

    Seasoned veteran Leandros motivates his allies with bravado and strength.

  • Commander’s Resolv

    Leandros raises his gladius and inspires his allies with additional tenacity.


Chione's MarkFrost Barrier

The first cast of Champion Clash grants all other allies a 20K point Health Shield for 12 seconds.

The commander Leandros has gained a reputation for rushing into fights and asking questions later.

A dauntless hoplite and occasional lothario, Leandros was born and raised in the kingdom and always knew he would serve the army as a fearless leader. He did lose some ground with the elder military council early on as a young officer when he planned and carried out a midnight ambush on a squadron of his own men.


Magical Defender


  • Templar’s Grace

    Jocasta charges her shield with protective holy light, then smites her enemies with all the strength of Templar justice.

  • Pilgrim’s Companion

    Jocasta offers a restorative blessing to any traveler joining her cause.

  • Bearer of the Trine

    Jocasta's gleaming trident penetrates the chaos of battle, and bathes her enemies in a cleansing holy light.

  • Dying Ligh

    Jocasta's holy light restores the vitality of her allies as her own fades.


Chione's MarkArctic Light

Templar's Grace now additionally purges all buffs from enemies hit.

Jocasta the Wanderer, renowned for her elegant combat tactics, traverses the land in search of causes worthy of her mighty trident and shield.

As the last remnant of the Order of the Trine, an ancient alliance of knights in the name of Poseidon, Jocasta carries the burden of bearing their message as her own crusade. In the name of the fearsome lord of the sea she pursues a pilgrimage to find others who might someday take up the banner of the Trine alongside her.


Physical Supportive Defender


  • Shattering Call

    Melita signals her loyal bear to rear up as she issues a booming horn blast that stuns all enemies.

  • Ursine Warrior

    Melita's bear becomes inspired by her horn calls, strengthening the will of any ally deployed behind them.

  • Louder Horns

    Careful instrument maintenance and strong lungs amplify the blast from Melita's echoing horns.

  • Sound Barrier

    With a thunderous bellow, Melita's horns permeate the air, dampening the enemy's blows and shaking arrows out of the sky.


Chione's MarkArctic Light

Shattering Call now additionally purges one buff from all enemies hit.

Melita rides in the name of the kingdom, blowing her horns to inspire her allies and strike fear in the hearts of her enemies.

Melita, assigned by the kingdom as a rallying support, rides her bear into battle with great confidence as it lumbers into the fray, ready to take on any swords or arrows the enemy has in store. The two of them trained together for several months before active duty, ensuring excellent teamwork and timing between them in the heat of battle.


Physical Defender


  • Iron Bulwark

    Taking the ultimate defensive stance, Tethoros immobilizes and slams his shields together, dealing damage while raising his own defenses.

  • Readied Armaments

    Always prepared, Tethoros begins battle with the assurance only a health shield can bring.

  • Shared Shields

    The clashes of a thousand battles infuse the shields of Tethoros with a defensive aura.

  • Aegis of Reflection

    As the 10,000th sword shattered against Tethoros's defenses, the goddess Athena granted him an impenetrable shield to deter war.


Chione's MarkGlacial Armor

Iron Bulwark now returns 1.4K Physical Damage back to each attacker.

The decorated general Tethoros raises his matching shield halves like an impenetrable wall on the field of battle, ever since a well-placed sword thrust nearly stole his vital breath.

The shell-insignia shield of Tethoros was bequeathed to him through a decree from King Atlas after a particularly nasty encounter on the battlefield with a practiced bandit swordsman. The shrewd king recognized the value in the officer Tethoros as a tactician and motivator of men in the face of great danger and faltering morale.


Physical Defender


  • Siphoning Roots

    Grappling his opponent with his enchanted roots, Akanth drains them of their vital life essence while replenishing his own.

  • Thorn Barrier

    Akanth grows thorns from his tough bark, inspiring the ally next to him.

  • Sap Restoration

    Akanth projects an aura of verdant energy, allowing him to regrow damage he's sustained.

  • Tree of Life

    Reaching deep within his ancient wellspring of vitality, Akanth continuously heals himself after receiving grievous harm.


Chione's MarkFrigid Roots

Siphoning Roots now additionally cleanses all debuffs currently applied to Akanth.

Hero Showcase

The ground shakes beneath the steps of Akanth, a mighty protector of the dark and mysterious forests of the Dryadic Wilds.

A watchful guardian from the ancient age of the Dryads, Akanth patrols the canopied corridors of the living forest. Though their true origins are unknown, many New Atlanteans believe that Akanth once existed as an olive tree. According to legend Athena blessed the tree after it survived a great war; soon after, Akanth drew their first breath, took their first steps, and became a sentinel of the Wilds. Not much known is about Akanth’s mysterious caretaker, known only as the Gardener. It is assumed that they met along one of Akanth’s many journeys. They are inseparable and work together to protect the forest from intruders.


Magical Defender


  • Tide of War

    Atlas calls an army of magical hippocamp cavalry that sweeps the battlefield, laying waste to all foes.

  • Ward of the High Sea

    In moments of struggle, Atlas summons strength from the ocean legacies of his father Poseidon.

  • Royal Command

    The glorious leadership of King Atlas guides any ally behind him into battle with added power.

  • Ocean King's Resolution

    A king is nothing without followers. As Atlas leads the charge into battle, the defensive power of he and his most stalwart ally rise with the tides of war.


Chione's MarkGlacial Wall

Tide of War now additionally reduces Basic Attack Damage by 30% for 10 seconds.

Atlas, favored son of Poseidon, once ruled his father's glorious island.

The eldest of ten heirs of the Lord of the Ocean, Atlas always knew he would be the servant his father would entrust with the governance and protection of his beloved island in the sea. When he assumed his throne, Atlas ruled as a just and prudent king, caring equally for each of his citizens as he would his own progeny. No scholar could have predicted the upheaval to come when Gadrus, the tyrant warlord twin brother of Atlas, decided the Atlantean throne must instead be his, sealing the fate of Poseidon's island.


Magical Defender


  • Talos Collider

    The colossal machine Kahara activates the latent functions of her weapon, critically striking an enemy to its core and energizing her own outer shields in the process.

  • Talos Machine March

    Kahara arrives on the battlefield, and her magnificent, gleaming form leaves her foes in paralyzing awe.

  • Talos Overload

    Kahara unlocks her Talos Collider's dormant abilities and turns incoming attacks into devastating energy pulses.

  • Absolute Territory

    Kahara calculates the time required to defeat her remaining enemies, and projects a powerful shield.


Chione's MarkFuel Injection

Kahara permanently gains 35% Magical Ability Power. (purge immune)

Standing tall over the heads of human soldiers, Kahara the Automaton Queen rules her loyal followers with a steady hand rather than her iron fist.

Once the ruler of a Children of Talos tribe, Kahara was well-known as a fair and judicious leader among her automaton subjects. In the aftermath of the Talos Rebellion, Kahara emerged as a sensible and rational matriarch who could lead the Children of Talos to freedom and independence far from the watchful eye of their human creators. But her fate seemed sealed after a cowardly ambush by fearful Atlanteans left her beaten and broken. Fortunately, her tribe was able to repair her, infusing her with a crystalline energy matrix that gave her more strength than any Child of Talos had known before.


Physical Defender


  • Iron Palm Slam

    Raising her tower shield above her head, Astrid imbues the Iron Hand of Jotunn and releases a wave of force against her enemy.

  • Mighty Resilience

    Along with her fellow warrior sisters, Astrid has been trained by the Jotunn to stand tall and remain vigilant against any threats.

  • Talk to the Hand

    Astrid is unable to contain her zeal and as enemies strike against her tower shield, they find their blows are mirrored back at them.

  • Shieldmaiden’s Vow

    The ally who falls first in battle must be honored, for it is said that their spirit will be reborn within a shieldmaiden to continue the battle.


Chione's MarkCold Hands

Astrid now reduces all enemies Critical Damage Bonus by 25% . (cleanse immune)

Within giantess society is a warrior-caste of shieldmaidens known as the Iron Hand of Jotunn. As one of their elite defenders, Astrid protects the smallfolk with a tower shield that is as large and formidable as she is. Her imposing appearance and mastery in battle inspires admiration in her allies and fear in her enemies.

As the Iron Hand of Jotunn marched home from an excursion to rid their northern homelands of yet another threatening monster, they were approached by children from a nearby township of smallfolk. Unlike the adults in the village, who stayed indoors and peered from their windows, the children were seemingly unafraid of the giantess warriors. One of the children was so enamored with the sisters, that they asked how to become as big and strong as the Jotunn themselves. Astrid stood beside them, nearly tripling their size, and let out a booming and joyful laugh. That was the day she decided to fight for more than just honor and glory, it was time for the world to know of the Jotunn.


Physical Defender


  • Vigilant Bash

    Sejiwan rears back on her trusty mount Gristle, then releases a shockwave crippling her enemies.

  • Sharpened Horns

    As her life force is lost, Sejiwan invokes her inner strength gaining more offensive power.

  • Hardened Horns

    Sejiwan’s trusty steed can inspire her to persist in battle, granting her extra defenses.

  • Vigorous Rally

    At the defeat of an enemy, Sejiwan is fueled to finish the fight, delivering a crushing blow to her foe.


Chione's MarkWeathered Endurance

Sejiwan creates an aura around her, increasing allies Movement Speed by 40%.

Hailing from a far-flung hilltop village, Sejiwan and her mountain ram Gristle ride into war with a combined fury of steel and stone-hard horns, destined to smash aside all challengers in New Atlantis.

It is traditional in Sejiwan’s village for riders to choose their own mounts when they have reached maturity. Knowing that no normal goat would suffice, she went searching for a truly worthy companion, eventually happening upon a large ornery ram beset by bandits. Joining the battle, Sejiwan leapt onto the beast and together they fended off the attack, sending the outlaws hurtling. They have been inseparable ever since.


Magical Defender


  • Igneous Mantle

    Konamele roars with the power of a magmatic eruption, spewing lava into the air that becomes a protective coat of cinder as it cools.

  • Volcanic Favor

    Konamele blesses the ally backing him with a gift of splendid obsidian that enhances spells to deftly pierce their marks.

  • Tectonic Plating

    Basaltic lava seeps from his body and hardens as Konamele is wounded, building upon the layers of rock that frame his molten core.

  • Lingering Ash

    A plume of volcanic ash rises from the caldera left in Konamele's wake and envelops his chosen ally in an insulating barrier.


Chione's MarkGlacial Defense

While all allies are alive, Konamelete gains 20% Physical Defense and Magical Defense.

First summoned by the inhabitants of an isolated island to defend their home from the wave of destruction that followed Poseidon's wrath, the lord of magma and consort of Gaia has come to Atlantis with the intent of protecting its denizens from further devastation.

Although amiable by nature, Konamele leaves a searing trail as he moves and is seen by Atlanteans as more of a monster than the primordial demigod he is. When Konamele bellows with the might of an erupting volcano, blasting steam and rocky debris skyward, only the foolhardy would still choose to contest him.


Magical Supportive Defender


  • Pivotal Blow

    Zephyr winds kick up around Unomsa as she swings her staff and delivers a straightforward attack that leaves her enemies breathless.

  • Cavalry Tactics

    Unomsa’s training in the Ubuntu cavalry catches enemies off-guard as she bolsters her defense and debilitates her foe in a single strike.

  • Royal Mandate

    It is not wise to contest nobility in battle and enemies of the princess are swiftly punished for their arrogance.

  • Mask of Enfeeblement

    The presence of the Ubuntu princess on the battlefield initially overwhelms her enemies with a devitalizing lethargy.


Chione's MarkGlacial Aura

Unomsa now reduces all enemies Team Cooldown Reduction by 20%. (cleanse immune)

While armies fight for their sovereign masters in other nations, Ubuntu nobility fight to serve their own people and the daring princess Unomsa is prepared to defend her empire to the death.

As the startling reports being sent from Atlantis grew steadily by the day, Shaka Ubuntu, the elder monarch of the Ubuntu empire, knew what he must do. Gathering his beloved family into the principal war room, he called upon one of them accompany him in defending the empire from external threats found in Atlantis. Unomsa accepted the call to action, but only if she could go alone, for her father was old and frail, and could not fight for their people as she could. After celebrating her upcoming victories with her family, Unomsa departed for the ravaged lands of Atlantis.